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We are London’s premier logbook loan provider.
A Logbook Loan is a way of releasing the value that is otherwise locked up in your vehicle whilst allowing you to continue driving it around!

We offer the best rates and the biggest loans, tailor made for every single one of our customers.

  • Do you own a vehicle?
  • Do you live in Greater London?
If you can answer yes to both questions above then you’re 100% eligible for a logbook loan with Logbook Loans London.
We specialise in working within the Greater London area, which ensures that we know our customers better than any other provide. Moreover this means that we can offer Londoners the best loans out there!

Unlike an unsecured loan or payday loan, the loans we provide are always secured against your car or other vehicle. This means that we can lend you more money at a better rate because we’re not exposed to high risk.

Even more rarely, considering the current insecurity about interest rates in the UK, we offer completely fixed rate loans. Once you have signed the credit agreement, we will not raise the rate or any agreed fees and charges.
Times are hard, and many people are forced to use debt to fund their stopgaps, pay for DIY projects, or afford their other needs. Payday lenders are often people’s first point of call, but payday loans are dangerous unsecured loan. They have been found to be unfair, charge sky-scraping fees, to poorly assess their loan’s affordability for each customer and for charging prohibitive fees: you just need to look at Which’s assessment of them to see how bad they really are.
We provide a safe, transparent, fair and affordable service. We thoroughly assess each customer to guarantee that we’re only lending them the money that they can afford to pay back; at the rate they can afford to pay back. It’s not rocket science: It’s responsible lending.

We find our customers the money they need in a responsible way.

Whilst we do perform credit checks, our risks are largely protected by the value in the vehicles against which the loans are secured. Because of this, we are able to lend to those who have bad credit, County Council Judgements (CCJs) or have previously been declared bankrupt.
We use your financial history, detailed income information and other sources of information to work out how much we can lend you, how much you can afford to pay back monthly and for how long you will need to repay your loan.
We compare your income information, financial history and the other factors that we get from the information you provide us with a huge database of information. This allows us to fulfil our aim to be a responsible lender. We use risk assessment and probabilistic reasoning to work out what you can afford based on your income. We only ever offer our customers loans we know they’ll be able to afford, meaning that they’ll never end up crippled by mounting debts because of us.
Applying is easy. You fill out the form and we send you a free quote (same as at JustLogbookLoan). Once you have received your free quote it is up to you to decide whether or not you would like to secure the loan against your car, we believe that our offers are the most attractive you’ll find, but just in case we’ll give you a week to make up your mind anyway.
We only ever take temporary ownership of your vehicle using something called a Bill of Sale. This means that you remain the owner of the vehicle unless you cannot keep up with your repayments. Because the Bill of Sale is a legal document registered with the High Court, we can never sell your car unless you don’t repay. It’s completely safe!

We are happy to work with people looking to consolidate their debts. Often, as this allows them to secure their debts against something of value, we can often these types of applicants lower rates. Turning their many spiralling debts into one manageable repayment plan secured against their vehicle that they can afford to pay back.

We use detailed market research and our good relationships with the local automotive market to establish the correct value of your car within a Greater London context. This allows us to value your car correctly and lend you more.
If you need money, you’re worried about rejection from high street lenders, or you simply want a safer alternative to unsecured loans then Logbook Loans London is perfect for you.
If you have a vehicle registered under your name in the Greater London area why not contact us for a free quote. We’re certain that we can provide you with a lump sum and repayment plan that you cannot refuse!
There are however certain regulations regarding our lending. Firstly, we do not allow you to extend your loan indefinitely—we require full payment within the repayment period. However, we understand that unforeseen financial difficulty happens to the best of us, we can extend the repayment period on a needs must basis. If you do not keep up with the repayment plan of your loan then we will be forced to sell your car and use its value to cover our losses.
We would like to remind all potential loan applicants that we work diligently to prevent any kind of fraud. Falsely declaring that you own a vehicle, or neglecting to inform us of any financing arrangement regarding the car is fraud. Omitting key information in your application is fraud. Lying about your income is fraud. Fraud is illegal. If you act fraudulently in your dealings with us, the terms of your contract will be broken.
We will immediately report you to the relevant authorities. If you have ever acted fraudulently with other financial service providers, we will be unable to provide you with a loan. We use a service called Cifas to detect fraudulent applications and reject the applications of those previously found to have acted fraudulently. Learn more about logbook loans associated fraud by clicking here.


We specialise in working within the Greater London area, which ensures that we know our customers better than any other provide. Moreover this means that we can offer Londoners the best loans out there!